Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thomas Kinkade

I feel very fortunate, especially after the recent sad event, that I have a Thomas Kinkade  picture hanging in my home. I've always admired his great talent and I agree he is indeed "the purveyor of light" that shows so wonderfully in his paintings. My brother Steve and Becky started collecting his works over ten years ago, and one visit to Phoenix they took me to a Kinkade Gallery and asked me to pic the picture that I loved. So I choose this old victorian home, which is now a B&B in Placerville, CA. The lights show so beautifully inside this home in the painting, and I loved that warm feeling I got from looking at it, so they bought it for me and my Mom and Dad had it framed. It is one of my most prized possessions and I thank them for it. Sorry about the glare and the bad photography. I am not a photographer so it is what it is!
This is a picture of my Kinkade on my table in the living room.

This is a lamp I got from Goodwill earlier this year for $12.50 on half off day. They had a matching pair, but I only had  enough for one. I felt very fortunate anyway. It's a beautiful crystal lamp. The little book next to the lamp is a Thomas Kinkade of scripture verses next to some of his paintings. The little birds are some that my mother gave to me.

This little table under the Kinkade is an old  La Galerie by Thomasville tea cart the was my MIL. It has wheels and little leaves on both side that you can pull out and the top is made of slate.
Better view of the birds and the little book. Do any of you remember the Decor Store in Phoenix area? That's where I bought this beautiful box, greens and spire. I miss that place terribly!

This is the same table after I added my French plate that my daughter bought me.

This is my Joshie Bear with his vampire teeth. No really, his teeth are gone in the upper front and the lower adult teeth have already grown in so when he smile, his bottom teeth fill in the empty space and look like vampire teeth! Here, he is showing you that he got a trophy for the season of soccer that he just finished for Boys and Girls Club and his new glasses that he just got this past week. 2 new things for him, and for some reason he wanted to pose with the birds, too. Hummmm....This  is what 7 looks like! He's very sick right now, and we would appreciate prayers.


  1. Your grandson is adorable and I will definitely keep him in prayer. I hate for the little ones to be sick.

    You asked, I am looking for a low dresser for the bedroom, but I'm not in any hurry, just when I find something similar to the night stand and for a good price.

    Love your picture, and it looks fabulous with your table, such a lovely vignette also. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi darling, your picture is gorgeous. I can recall a shopping trip with an Aunt the day she bought a Thomas Kinkade picture, what a fun memory. Your grandson is adorable!! Love his pose.. Prayers for the little guy, nothing worse than a sick child.. hugs ~lynne~

  3. I am sending healing thoughts for your grandson. Your Thomas Kinkade picture is beautiful.