Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm still here, guys, but I'm melting....... I guess I'm just too old for the dang heat any more! It is just sapping my strength. I even found myself sitting in my darkened living room today, watching a movie and trying to stay put, and still just sweating up a storm! But not to worry, I'm still visiting you all on a daily basis, keeping up with everything else going on, and one day soon......I will be able to move about a little more. I have something called Fibromyalgia or however you spell it, and it's hard enough to more around on the cool days. But, I'm making plans, gathering supplies, plotting, scheming, and I have alot of projects ahead of me that I am so excited about. Please don't forget about me, I'm just so afraid of that, and I love you all so much!