Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yes, I went to GW again this week, and I found a treasure that I'm hoping someone with knowledge of collectors pieces can help me with. These cute little things are a sugar and creamer set in ironstone that look like flow blue and stand about 5-6" high. There is a stamp on the bottom that is impossible to read because it is "flowing" into the white and can't be seen clearly. There were marked $1.99 each and I got 25% off. I love GW!

 This is another treasure that I got a GW. It is a plate stacker and since I live in an apartment, I have very little room to put anything on top of my counters. I did have the fruit bowl on the counter, then after I brought home this plate stacker, I plopped the bowl of fruit into the bottom portion, and put some of my pretty French plates on the top. Of course, Mizz Froggy had to go with the fruit bowl, since it's her home, so there it is! One fruity froggy bowl plate stand treasure for $7.99 minus 50% off; whole treasure cost me $4.00 because my daughter bought my plates for me and I already had the fruit bowl and Mizz Froggy.

And this last treasure is one of the plates my daughter bought for me at Hobby Lobby yesterday.
They were having 66% off houseware and I she bought me 4 of these plates, regularly $10.00 each
and marked down to $3.40 each. I put the other 3 on the top of my plate holder.

Thanks for visiting me today, please leave a comment and I promise I will answer back. How am I doing? I'm new to this and enjoying it immensely; however, I would treasure your feed back!


  1. Great GW teasures you found. Love the plates too from HL.

  2. Isn't is amazing what you can find in the unlikeliest of places? Like they say, one man's junk is another's treasure. :)