Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yes, I went to GW again this week, and I found a treasure that I'm hoping someone with knowledge of collectors pieces can help me with. These cute little things are a sugar and creamer set in ironstone that look like flow blue and stand about 5-6" high. There is a stamp on the bottom that is impossible to read because it is "flowing" into the white and can't be seen clearly. There were marked $1.99 each and I got 25% off. I love GW!

 This is another treasure that I got a GW. It is a plate stacker and since I live in an apartment, I have very little room to put anything on top of my counters. I did have the fruit bowl on the counter, then after I brought home this plate stacker, I plopped the bowl of fruit into the bottom portion, and put some of my pretty French plates on the top. Of course, Mizz Froggy had to go with the fruit bowl, since it's her home, so there it is! One fruity froggy bowl plate stand treasure for $7.99 minus 50% off; whole treasure cost me $4.00 because my daughter bought my plates for me and I already had the fruit bowl and Mizz Froggy.

And this last treasure is one of the plates my daughter bought for me at Hobby Lobby yesterday.
They were having 66% off houseware and I she bought me 4 of these plates, regularly $10.00 each
and marked down to $3.40 each. I put the other 3 on the top of my plate holder.

Thanks for visiting me today, please leave a comment and I promise I will answer back. How am I doing? I'm new to this and enjoying it immensely; however, I would treasure your feed back!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now, let's get started on the good stuff, Home Decor. It's always on my mind; updating, fluffing, re-arranging, adding new things, moving things around. It seems it's never done, and that's the fun of it! I am going to start showing you different rooms in my home, but first, here's an important fact to remember; I live in 800 sq. ft., an apartment. Many of you are saying, " I could never do that, I have too much stuff" and that's exactly what I said, when I found out in 2009 that I was losing my beautiful 4 bedroom home in Chandler, AZ. But, the comforting thought was, well, I have more than enough stuff to make myself a beautiful apartment, so that's what I did.

The above picture is an antique doll that my mother gave. Her Aunt Ruthie had this doll for years, and thus her name is Ruthie. It is my understanding that this is an old German doll. My mom, many years ago, had her clothes, her hat, and her shoes redone especially for her. She also has a new wig. And here she is in all her glory, in a curio cabinet purchased especially for her.

Monday, May 28, 2012

For Mother's Day, my daughter in law, Michelle and my son Chris made dinner for me, and my daughter Heather bought me 2 adorable French pillows. She ordered them from Etsy from a shop called French Country Designs. She let me go to the shop, and pick out the ones I wanted and then had them shipped to me. The Owner of the shop is Heidi Shaker Luna. Thanks, Heidi and Heather for these beautiful pillows. They look wonderful on my bed.

And now, the important part; I would like to introduce you to my family. This picture does not include any Grands. Maybe some day I can get all of us together for a picture, but this will have to do for now. I have four kids, from left to right they are Amy, Shawn, Christopher and Heather. My daughter in law Michelle had not joined our family yet, so I will include her in another post and technically she isn't married to my son Christopher yet, but that doesn't mean she's not mine and I don't love her, because I do! I will post her, along with the Grands, soon. Shawn also has a beautiful wife, Kristin, and two little girls. And Amy has 2 teenagers (poor Amy) both girls.   Lower left is a picture of my Mom and Dad who live in California; they are 87 and 84 respectively, and lower right is me. I have a brother Steve and his wife, Becky who live in California and are avid Greyhound lovers, and lots of extended family, as well. More pictures to come.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Blog Post!

Hi, my name is Judy and today is my very first post!
I want this site to be a gathering place for friends and family, and most of all, my brand new friends! My Jesus is my best friend and companion. Each Sunday my family gathers at my house for a traditional Sunday Dinner, where we try out new and old recipes, play with the cats and talk about life. The youngest of our clan is Joshie Bear, my 7 year old Grandson, of whom you will hear much about in the coming days. Since I live in one of the hottest areas in the nation, it is my duty to complain once it gets over 110 degrees and my most favorite past time is thrift shopping and bargain hunting.
Please come join me as I embark upon this new adventure to share with you my home, values, family and friends. (and bargains I find, of course).  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment. I would love to talk with you.