Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Blog Post!

Hi, my name is Judy and today is my very first post!
I want this site to be a gathering place for friends and family, and most of all, my brand new friends! My Jesus is my best friend and companion. Each Sunday my family gathers at my house for a traditional Sunday Dinner, where we try out new and old recipes, play with the cats and talk about life. The youngest of our clan is Joshie Bear, my 7 year old Grandson, of whom you will hear much about in the coming days. Since I live in one of the hottest areas in the nation, it is my duty to complain once it gets over 110 degrees and my most favorite past time is thrift shopping and bargain hunting.
Please come join me as I embark upon this new adventure to share with you my home, values, family and friends. (and bargains I find, of course).  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment. I would love to talk with you.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog Judy!! I hope it brings you many happy hours of sharing and making friends!!

  2. Oh how fun. I found it and I also got sign up as a follower. This is just fabulous. I can't wait to see more post. Your blog is gorgeous. Love your header. Everything looks fabulous. Ok, now let's get going and get this thing in full swing. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thanks, Marty, I;m so proud to have you as my first blogger follower, especially since you blog is one of my favorites. I respect your opinion, so please feel free to send tips along the way.

  4. Hi Judy, welcome to blogland. It's always fun to meet new bloggers and become followers. I am now your newest follower and thanks for stopping by my blog and joining.